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    House Hacking In The UK

    Have you come across a term called “house hacking”? It’s commonly used in the US to describe a method used to try and self-finance a mortgage. But is house hacking in the UK a possibility? In this insight, we will cover what house hacking is, and if it’s possible to house hack in the UK. Key Takeaways House hacking in the UK will go some way to paying your mortgage costs, but possibly not all. You can benefit from the rent-a-room scheme allowing you to earn tax-free income from your house hack. Most lenders allow lodgers in the house, but you must also be a resident of the property. UK…

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    Unbiased Review – find a financial adviser near you

    Unbiased Review – find a financial adviser near you The Unbiased platform is the best place to find trusted advisors. Using the site is one of the fastest and easiest ways to find the right professional if you need help with your finances. Professionals are appropriately regulated, qualified, and independent of product providers, so you can trust their advice. Using their smart system, you can find a professional who matches your requirements, saving you time and effort. Alternatively, you can browse a list of local professionals and filter them to suit your preferences. Full list of services‍ Pensions & retirement Financial planning Savings Tax & trust planning Business Mortgages Investments…

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    Easy Ways To Make Money Reselling

    Side Hustle Guide – Make Money Reselling What is Reselling? Buying and selling things is the oldest form of economic activity in the world, and there is still a huge market for people who want to purchase used goods. Reselling items purchased on the high street is perfectly legal. Some people believe reselling from charity shops is ethical since the shop sets the prices and the money still goes to charity. I have been selling items on various online platforms for a while now. Initially, I sold only my belongings that I no longer needed. However, after stumbling upon some Instagram users who were reselling items they had purchased from…

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    Apple VS Android – Which is Best?

    Android Vs Apple, Which Brand Is Better? Why are people so divided over these two giants? I don’t know, but I’ll save you the trouble and spare you from reading twenty more articles that claim to have the answers. As technology moves forward, people are faced with difficult decisions about the mobile devices that they purchase. Many customers struggle to decide which brand is better Android or iPhone/iPad. As a result of this confusion, many consumers can not decide what way to go. Before picking a brand and replacing your old device with a new one, keep an open mind and evaluate these two options. I recently switched from a…

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    Make Money Mystery Shopping with Shepper

    Make Money Mystery Shopping with Shepper Become a mystery shopper and start making some extra money Want to be a mystery shopper? This app is amazing to get started on your journey. Complete simple checks in your local area and start earning using just your smartphone. Simple, quick, easy missions that also pay nicely. I downloaded the app in March 2022, and since then, I’ve made hundreds of pounds.  Most checks take 10 minutes to complete and are both fun and informative.  What jobs have I done? Holland and Barratt display and knowledge check Snapping photos of scratch card dispensers Boots display check Billboard display photos Property maintenance There are lots of jobs available (especially if you’re in a city) and you can do multiple at a time. You will need to snap photos and ask questions to the staff for most…

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    Sinking Funds – What Are They?!

    Have you ever heard of sinking funds?! I know I hadn’t before starting my financial freedom journey. I only set mine up this year – and I wish I had started sooner! A sinking fund is a way to mentally and physically allocate your money so as to better protect you and your peace of mind.  For me, I have always felt guilty about spending money. I don’t know why or where it stems from, but it’s really hard for me to buy treats, days out or anything fun! Sinking funds allow you to make small, manageable steps toward your ultimate goal in my opinion. What is a Sinking Fund?…

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    Airtime Rewards Cashback App

    It’s passive, you don’t have to do anything once you have set it all up. Then the money you get rewarded goes straight off your phone bill. A nice little bonus especially at the moment when bills are rising! Which networks does the app work with? You have the option to withdraw your earnings from Airtime Rewards to 8 different networks, namely: 3, EE, giffgaff, Lebara Mobile, Lycamobile, Now PAYG, O2, and Vodafone. If your network is not on the list, withdrawal is impossible. Nevertheless, you can still link to a family member’s account or continue collecting your earnings. This might encourage you to switch to one of the listed…

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    Energy bill and Council Tax Rebates

    This year, reading the news has been a major source of worry for those who are concerned about rising household expenses. Running a home is more expensive than ever due to strong inflation and record energy prices. Recently, several Energy Bill and Council Tax rebates were announced, some of which are available to everyone in the UK. This is wonderful news. It can be challenging to remember what you’re qualified for and when to expect it with the cost of living support being announced thick and fast. We’ve outlined a timeframe for these payments below to make it easier for you to see if you’re on track.     Why…

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    LoyalBe Cashback App

    LoyalBe Cashback App LoyalBe Cashback Rewards App is a bank-linked rewards app that focuses on rewarding us for our shopping! Just link your bank account with the app to automatically earn rewards at LoyalBe partner shops- (B&M, Primark, Subway, Starbucks, Greggs and lots more!) when you pay with the linked card (or Apple/Google Pay).   LoyalCoins can be redeemed for gift cards from top brands (like those below), and shortly, direct cash back into a bank account! Highlights – Say goodbye to paper loyalty cards and scan your phone for every transaction. – View the latest offers from your favourite retailers. – Connect multiple bank accounts to ensure you’re always…

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    I am in the newspaper!

    I am in the newspaper! Since making my blog I’ve been approached a few times about collaborating with writers and bloggers to tell my story which is quite exciting and very new to me! Money is always hard to talk about, but if I can inspire a few other people & give some ideas to newbies then it’s worth it. That’s why I started my Instagram and website. My first article was in The Mirror and all about my side hustles on the income I make from them all. With the help of other money-saving bloggers, Gemma went on to build up an established network of various ‘side hustles’ which she…

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