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  • Berlin on a Budget 2024

    Are you planning a trip to Berlin on a budget? You’re in for an amazing adventure! Berlin is a vibrant city with a rich history, and there are plenty of exciting things to do and see without breaking the bank. A little bit of background on modern Berlin: After the fall of the Berlin Wall, people swarmed into East Berlin, which was previously controlled by the Soviets. What did they discover? Abandoned buildings. These inexpensive (and sometimes free) living and working spaces attracted artists, musicians, and other creative individuals worldwide because they could reside there for practically nothing. This also infused a youthful, anything-goes vibe into the otherwise dull city.…

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  • Discover the Benefits of the British Airways Amex Card

    Discover the Benefits of the British Airways Amex Card Collect 5,000 Avios when you spend £1,000 in your first 3 months of British Airways Amex Card membership Thanks for checking out the ultimate guide to the British Airways Amex Card. We’re going to dive into all the cool perks and features this card has to offer, plus we’ll chat about the sweet welcome offer that’s available to new cardholders. Let’s get started! If you’re considering a travel credit card offering fantastic rewards and exclusive privileges, the British Airways Amex Card is worth your attention. To make the most of this opportunity, we recommend applying through my Referral Link. British Airways…

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  • travel on a budget

    The Ultimate Guide to Exploring the UK on a Budget

    The Ultimate Guide to Exploring the UK on a Budget Exploring the UK on a budget is a great way to explore the country without breaking the bank. With careful planning, you can save money on transport, accommodation, and food, while still enjoying the sights and attractions of the UK. From low-cost flights to cheap hostels, there are plenty of ways to travel on a budget. For those looking for a cheap way to get around the UK, buses and trains are the way to go. Both offers discounted fares for students and older people and often have special deals for tourists. If you plan, you can save even more…

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  • Travel Around The World With Trusted House Sitters

    Travel Around The World With Trusted House Sitters

    Travel Around The World With Trusted House Sitters Trusted House Sitters (THS) is an international house-sitting website servicing the needs of house sitters and homeowners around the world. As the largest of the international platforms (matching people who don’t charge for house sitting services), you’ll find the most house sits and sitters available for house sit jobs. Who are Trusted House Sitters? Trusted House sitters were founded in 2010 to keep pets happy and safe while their owners are away. Essentially, they want to help owners save money and avoid the stress of putting pets in kennels. Instead, Trusted House sitters work to connect caring individuals. It has flourished into a…

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  • I am in the newspaper!

    I am in the newspaper! Since making my blog I’ve been approached a few times about collaborating with writers and bloggers to tell my story which is quite exciting and very new to me! Money is always hard to talk about, but if I can inspire a few other people & give some ideas to newbies then it’s worth it. That’s why I started my Instagram and website. My first article was in The Mirror and all about my side hustles on the income I make from them all. With the help of other money-saving bloggers, Gemma went on to build up an established network of various ‘side hustles’ which she…

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  • cat sitting

    Cat Sitting Whilst Seeing The World

    Cat Sitting Whilst Seeing The World If you’re an animal lover who likes to travel, then I have just the job for you… Two weeks in Bordeaux, swimming pool, and a car included—it had to be the ideal holiday. But Animal Sitting was no vacation. I was looking after a stranger’s cat in exchange for free accommodation. I’d heard about house sitting for a while and decided to sign up three years ago. I’ve always struggled with anxiety and often had panic attacks many times a week. Travelling, even though I wanted to do it, felt off-limits. I live alone and am self-employed, so I am more flexible than most…

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  • Need Help Finding A Somewhere To Live?

    The housing crisis is severe, leaving many individuals without homes or safe places to call their own. However, there are services available that provide alternative housing options that people may be unaware of. I use the internet a lot and have moved homes more than 25 times, so I consider myself to be an expert on renting, where to find affordable accommodation, etc.  I’ve discovered some websites that provide more affordable accommodations. Private renting is completely absurd, and I have no idea how people can afford it. I feel fortunate to live in a one-bedroom apartment and pay an average amount to Yorkshire Housing. Finding Somewhere to Live: When I…

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    How To Travel On A Budget – Low Cost Travel

    Are you looking for low-cost travel? How To Travel On A Budget  I have been travelling for about 4 years now and at a low cost! The first thing to say is there are several ways to do Low-Cost travel. I use certain websites to book transport, and I am part of some groups that allow me to stay places for free (sometimes I get paid) BOOK YOUR FLIGHTS Skyscanner is the most popular travel search engine I use. It’s a really good website/app that you can use to find anything you want. You can put in your location, and set your destination to ‘everywhere’ to find the cheapest places…

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