Travel Around The World With Trusted House Sitters
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Travel Around The World With Trusted House Sitters

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Travel Around The World With Trusted House Sitters

Trusted House Sitters (THS) is an international house-sitting website servicing the needs of house sitters and homeowners around the world. As the largest of the international platforms (matching people who don’t charge for house sitting services), you’ll find the most house sits and sitters available for house sit jobs.

Who are Trusted House Sitters?

Trusted House sitters were founded in 2010 to keep pets happy and safe while their owners are away.

Essentially, they want to help owners save money and avoid the stress of putting pets in kennels. Instead, Trusted House sitters work to connect caring individuals. It has flourished into a global community of pet lovers who help each other travel.

It makes sense why they are one of the most reliable websites for house sitting.

The following are some of the core principles of Trusted House Sitters:
  • Establishing connections with others
  • Following rules to maintain respect
  • Recognising a new passion 
  • Encouraging a sense of wonder

How did I start using Trusted House Sitters?

I’ve always had small amount of travel anxiety. strive to live life as cheaply and adaptable as possible because I am a single, independent person

Having said that, I never used to travel because I thought it was expensive and I innately feared it, likely as a result of what others had said. You see big families jetting off together, spending thousands to sit around a pool for a week.

wouldn’t want that to happen. enjoy discovering new locations, experiencing city life, and learning about other cultures, but also maintain reliable schedule and solid framework.

came across THS recommendation in an advert for independent travellers, and realised right away that had to take action.

First, I paid my account’s membership fee six years ago and haven’t looked back since. Travelling to more than 15 different locations throughout the world has been the best thing I’ve ever done with my life.

Now I  can travel very cheaply, choose the ideal spots where there are only cats or bunnies, meet interesting people, and have a comfortable place to return to.

So enough of my story, let’s dive deeper into how trusted house sitters work.

How do Trusted House Sitters work?

The sitter gets a place to stay in exchange for looking after the house and pets. There are some incredible houses in stunning locations too, so Trusted House sitters will offer you the possibility to travel to some dreamy destinations.

Here is how it works in three simple steps:

  • Set up your profile after purchasing a sitter plan

If you get this right, it could determine whether someone chooses you over other applicants. It is common for homeowners to get at least a few people offering to sit for them. Take your time and put some effort into it!

Your profile should include plenty of photos, a lot of personalities, and verification of the sitter’s qualifications (such as a background check and external references). Consider looking at other house sitter profiles for ideas.

Over time, once you’ve completed some pet sits, your profile will get a boost from reviews. The more reviews you get, the closer you’ll become to being a 5-star house sitter! It will also be easier for you to get noticed by travellers who are looking for opportunities around your location.

  • You can apply for unlimited sites worldwide (over 12 months)

Your membership lasts for a year, and you can apply unlimited times over this period 🙂 so go wild!


References are essential and most homeowners will like to read them before deciding to trust you with their home and pets. And that’s understandable.

If you used Trusted House sitters before, then you will have access to a reference request. If you ever did a house sitting or pet sitting for a friend, ask them for a letter of recommendation with why you are so good with animals.

The benefits of Traveling Around The World With Trusted House Sitters are:

  1. Save a lot of money over time on accommodation
  2. House sitters are verified and checked
  3. Enjoy unlimited pet care
  4. Expert veterinary advice
  5. Help and support from the team
  6. Keep your pets safe and happy instead of in kennels 
  7. The App is fast and well-updated
  8. Trusted House Sitters FAQ to answer all your questions

What I also love about travelling around the world with Trusted House sitters is that you can pick the type of animal you want to look after. I look after cats most of the time, but you can mix this up depending on the location and time you can dedicate to the site.

You will find dogs, horses, parrots, fish, and every animal you can think of!

Membership Breakdown & Prices

  • Sitter Membership: £99/year
  • Owner Membership: £99/year
  • Combined Annual: £149 /year

The third membership option is called a Combined Annual. For £149/year you can enjoy an owner and sitter membership, giving you the best of both worlds.

Trusted Housesitters is the largest house-sitting website online.

This is important since it indicates that the majority of pet owners will choose this website for listing when they need to travel. That’s very good news for you because it means you will have more opportunities to pick from.

Click my link and use code HELPSAVE25 at checkout to get 25% off all new memberships with Trusted House Sitters today! A massive discount is time-limited so make sure you don’t miss out!

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