Make Money Mystery Shopping with Shepper

Make Money Mystery Shopping with Shepper

Make Money Mystery Shopping with Shepper

Become a mystery shopper and start making some extra money

Want to be a mystery shopper? This app is amazing to get started on your journey.

Complete simple checks in your local area and start earning using just your smartphone.

Simple, quick, easy missions that also pay nicely. downloaded the app in March 2022, and since then, I’ve made hundreds of pounds. 
Most checks take 10 minutes to complete and are both fun and informative. 

What jobs have I done?

  • Holland and Barratt display and knowledge check
  • Snapping photos of scratch card dispensers
  • Boots display check
  • Billboard display photos
  • Property maintenance

There are lots of jobs available (especially if you’re in a city) and you can do multiple at a time. You will need to snap photos and ask questions to the staff for most jobs.

How To Get Started

Choose which checks suit you and your schedule. You’re in control of when and where you work.

Complete checks using your smartphone and our app. Take photos, answer questions and send them for review.

Get paid for each check you complete with the potential to earn bonuses for certain check types.

Pros & Cons

+Well paid shops and checks

+Withdraw without charge when you get about £20

+Easy checks to complete reports are simple to complete

+Customer service is fast and so supportive

+App is fast and well laid out

+Most jobs are quick and accessible

-Not many jobs on the app

-You only get a limited amount of time to complete the jobs

-Some are low paying given the time it takes

Who Can Join?

Anyone over 18 years of age

  • Country: Available in 25 countries 🌐
  • Device: iOS, Android
  • Payout: Reach £20 and cash out via Bank for free

What similar apps are available?

Shepper isn’t the only app promising to help you make money from mystery shopping using your phone.

Similar apps like BeMyEye and Field Agent and more promise quick money for simple tasks, you can read more about them all in detail in my blog posts below

BeMyEye Mystery Shopping App

Make Money with RedWigWam

Roamler Mystery Shopping App

You can also buy my brand new eBook that is available on my Etsy shop. It is jam-packed full of companies to sign up for this year to get started, with lots of inside information and helpful tips.


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