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Apple VS Android – Which is Best?

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Android Vs Apple, Which Brand Is Better?

Why are people so divided over these two giants? I don’t know, but I’ll save you the trouble and spare you from reading twenty more articles that claim to have the answers. As technology moves forward, people are faced with difficult decisions about the mobile devices that they purchase.

Many customers struggle to decide which brand is better Android or iPhone/iPad. As a result of this confusion, many consumers can not decide what way to go. Before picking a brand and replacing your old device with a new one, keep an open mind and evaluate these two options.

I recently switched from a Samsung S20 Ultra to an iPhone 13

Although I never wanted to make this switch to begin with, I have a MacBook Air and everyone was telling me that syncs well with an iPhone, I wasn’t sure but I thought I would give it a go since more and more of my work was going online.

I looked around at different types and settled on one I found in CEX, the second-hand technology store that sells reused phones.
I buy from these guys a lot as you get a two-year warranty and everything is vetted by experts. You can also go in anytime and ask for support which I find invaluable.
I found a pink (my favourite colour) iPhone 13 and it just felt right. Smaller than my Samsung Galaxy s20 and I liked the feel of the touch screen. For some reason, it just felt different to Samsung.

I swapped my old phone and bought the other so overall it cost me £250 for a grade B iPhone 13 with an optimal battery. I have now had my phone for around 6 months.

Android Vs Apple, Which Brand Is Better?

This is what I have found so far…

I miss the touch ID on Android, Apple now uses face recognition which I don’t find as quick and easy to use (especially at night). Also when we had to wear masks a lot I found it frustrating and it never seemed to recognise me.

Apple holds its charge for longer than all my Samsung phones which is fabulous when I’m out and about doing mystery shops. I used to have to charge my Samsung a few times a day! Yes, I do use my phone more than the average person for work but it was annoying and it died a few times.

Android’s widgets are more useful, and you seem to be able to organise your apps in a better way so you can see things clearly

Apple’s camera quality is out of this world. I was shocked at how clear it was and the lighting quality is outstanding. I know cameras are getting better by the upgrade but this is my personal experience.

Android’s keyboards are larger so have the numbers and most symbols on one page – you have to switch on Apple, making texting very difficult. I found this the most difficult out of everything to get used to. Changing keyboards on iPhones to get punctuation was hard to get used to and it put me off messaging!

Apple is so lightweight! No more heavy phone for me and I love that it’s more compact as I have tiny hands. I think it suits females as they just seem to fit smaller hands and pockets.

I have a MacBook, so it’s very streamlined at syncing everything together and making transferring files a doddle. I have notes on my Mac and phone, when I alter them change them on both devices. Also pictures I take on my phone I can automatically see on my Mac. If I copy and paste something on one of the devices it does it on the other too. There may be some way to do these types of things with Samsung but the easiness of it is next level.

It’s easier to see your notifications on an Android, and also easier to swipe to get rid of them. I found when I first got my iPhone, notifications weren’t showing up! I am used to it now but at the beginning, I found that cumbersome.

Apple accessories are everywhere! Even the pound shop! I used to get annoyed that I couldn’t buy nice phone covers and things for my Samsung, I had to buy them online and it always seemed quite expensive. Now iPhone accessories are in most shops and I have a wide range to choose from. My favourite so far is my skinny dip clear iPhone 13 cover I bought from New-look. It’s stylish, has a good grip and is super protective if I drop my phone. You can also see my pink background through it which I like.

Now I have had my phone for a while, I can 100% say I will be sticking to apple phones.

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