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Easy Ways To Make Money Reselling

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Side Hustle Guide – Make Money Reselling

What is Reselling?

Buying and selling things is the oldest form of economic activity in the world, and there is still a huge market for people who want to purchase used goods. Reselling items purchased on the high street is perfectly legal.

Some people believe reselling from charity shops is ethical since the shop sets the prices and the money still goes to charity.

Make Money Reselling

I have been selling items on various online platforms for a while now. Initially, I sold only my belongings that I no longer needed. However, after stumbling upon some Instagram users who were reselling items they had purchased from different sources, I found the idea intriguing and decided to join the trend.

Some people make a good living and a business out of it full-time, but I wouldn’t do it just for the sake of having a hobby and a side income.


How can I start?

Focusing on a specific niche or a few niches is usually good. It could be shoes, vintage clothing, or collectables; it depends on your interests. Explore what is doing well in the market—you might be surprised at how much some childhood toys can sell for in mint condition. To get started –

  • Choose your items/niche
  • Select an online platform e.g. eBay, Depop, Vinted etc.
  • Buy your inventory/stock
  • Photograph and catalogue your products
  • Focus on SEO for good titles
  • List and promote your items on the platform
  • Share on social media

Benefits of Selling

It’s exciting to sell something! You get a buzz, and you feel good about making a small profit and sending it to their new owner. If you are just reselling your things, it can help minimise your home and clear out the clutter.

Buddha spoke of letting go of desires, a lesson that is often interpreted as an invitation to delight in minimalism—to let go of intense attachment to things in our homes.

Resale is becoming increasingly mainstream as consumers seek out value options, both in terms of price and sustainability. It’s great for the planet; instead of clothes and other items going to landfills, you are giving them a new home for someone to use.

‘Many weird things have been sold on the internet. In 2007, Pablo Peñalver sold his soul on eBay for €47.51, while a piece of gum Britney Spears spits out during a Wembley concert in 2000 sold for a whopping $14,000.’

Make Money Reselling -Items that are good to Sell

I have found the following items to be good for selling.

Selling Sites to Use to Make Money Reselling

Is it for me?

Remember, reselling items isn’t an easy task. Looking for the right items, adding value by fixing or cleaning them up, taking photos, listing them online, packaging them, shipping them, and dealing with customers takes a lot of effort.

You have to think about whether you like sourcing items and dealing with customers. I’ve been doing it for years on Etsy, and you do get some people who like to cause a fuss, which is stressful!

But if you love sourcing and finding bargains, you can make this a full-time job, like many people successfully do.

Facts and Figures

  • The secondhand market is expected to grow 127% by 2026
  • According to Gumtree the average British household currently has 22 unused items, worth a potential £881 lurking around.
  • 62% of GenZ and Millennials say they look for an item secondhand before purchasing it new.
  • 73% of apparel is sent to landfill or incinerated, 95% of which could be reused or recycled.
  • Buying one used item instead of a new one reduces CO2 emissions by an average of 25% per wear.
  • 70% of consumers say it’s easier to shop secondhand than it was 5 years ago, thanks to the emergence of technology and online marketplaces

Make Money Reselling – Tips & Tricks

  • Source items everywhere- Car boots, discount stores, charity shops, auctions and your own house! I know people who take in friends’ and families’ old things to resell and they get a cut of the profit.
  • If your listing is old, delete it and then repost it.
  • Refresh your photos so they stand out and add keywords so your item is found. Think like a buyer, what words and descriptions would you want to see? What images would stand out to you?
  • Photos are so important – The more the better. White backgrounds are the best with natural lighting, if the item has a fault – remember to take a photo showing it so the buyer knows what to expect.
  • Your title is among the first things your shoppers see, so make sure it’s fully loaded with strong, focused keywords.
  • eBay gives you 80 characters for your title so make sure you utilise them and they are SEO friendly.
  • Google advises against using ALL CAPS in your listing’s title

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  • Noah

    I completely agree with you. Buying and selling have been a part of human history since the beginning of time and they will continue to be so. The market for used goods is always in demand and will never go out of style.

    Reselling items from the high street is not only legal but also provides an opportunity for people to save money. It’s a win-win situation for both the buyer and the seller.

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