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Berlin on a Budget 2024

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Are you planning a trip to Berlin on a budget?

You’re in for an amazing adventure! Berlin is a vibrant city with a rich history, and there are plenty of exciting things to do and see without breaking the bank.

A little bit of background on modern Berlin:

After the fall of the Berlin Wall, people swarmed into East Berlin, which was previously controlled by the Soviets. What did they discover? Abandoned buildings.

These inexpensive (and sometimes free) living and working spaces attracted artists, musicians, and other creative individuals worldwide because they could reside there for practically nothing. This also infused a youthful, anything-goes vibe into the otherwise dull city.

1. Free Attractions: Berlin offers numerous free attractions like the Brandenburg Gate, the Berlin Wall Memorial, and the Tiergarten Park. Explore these iconic spots without spending a pound

2. Public Transportation: Berlin’s public transportation system is efficient and cost-effective. Get a Berlin WelcomeCard for unlimited travel on trams, buses, and the U-Bahn for a set period, saving you money on individual tickets.

3. Hostel Accommodations: Opt for budget-friendly hostels that offer a comfortable stay without breaking the bank. Look for hostels in vibrant neighbourhoods like Kreuzberg or Friedrichshain.

4. Free Walking Tours: Join free walking tours to explore the city and learn about its history from local guides. You can tip them at the end based on your budget.

6. Plan: Research and plan your itinerary, taking advantage of discounts and special offers on attractions, tours, and activities.

7. Local Markets: Explore local flea markets, like Mauerpark Flea Market, where you can find unique souvenirs and enjoy live music for free.

In conclusion, Berlin is an excellent destination for budget travellers. By following these tips and utilising the wealth of free and affordable attractions, you can experience the best of Berlin without overspending. Enjoy your budget-friendly adventure in this captivating city!


Dating back to 1894, the Reichstag has had a tumultuous history—it’s been burned, bombed, and abandoned, but it’s been rebuilt, and now it serves as the home of Germany’s parliament. There is a large glass dome at the top that you can climb to get amazing 360-degree views of Berlin and down to where the parliament sits.

Admission is free, but you must make reservations online. I booked for a Tuesday as they had an English lecture in the building! It’s worth it and very interesting.


The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe comprises 2,711 rectangular concrete blocks forming a maze-like structure. The monument is open 24/7.


Located in the middle of Berlin, where East and West were once divided, this open-air exhibition chronicles the history of the Berlin Wall. The memorial still has almost a mile of the original wall for you to see and learn about how the wall affected Berlin citizens.

  • Admission is free


Constructed way back in 1791, the Brandenburg Gate is easily Berlin’s most famous landmark. It used to be the border of East and West Berlin, but now it represents the reunification of Germany.



Constructed in the late 1960s in East Berlin, this peculiar television tower remains the tallest structure in the city. Despite being a popular tourist attraction, visitors can ascend to the top to relish a panoramic view of the city from all angles. Additionally, a bar and restaurant are at the top for those who want to enjoy their time a little longer.

  • Admission: €13-€20


The Berliner Dom stands out as the most majestic church in Berlin and one of its most intricate constructions. It boasts an impressive organ with over 7,000 pipes, and if you are up for the climb, you can visit the top of the dome and enjoy scenic views of the city.

  • Admission: €7


Housed in a striking glass building, the Jewish Museum exhibits two millennia of German-Jewish history, with its architecture becoming a part of the exhibit.

  • Admission: €8


Although it’s a popular destination, this tourist spot is not at the Checkpoint Charlie site. However, you will likely come across it while walking. You can take a quick picture as you pass by, but it’s not worth visiting the museum because it has received negative reviews and is not a good use of your money.


One of the most popular attractions in Berlin is an open-air gallery that showcases street art painted on the longest remaining segment of the Berlin Wall. With 101 large-format paintings, this wall is a must-see for anyone visiting the city. Don’t forget to bring your camera and snap some photos to share on Instagram.


Mauerpark, which used to be the no man’s land between the walls of West and East Berlin, is now a favourite spot for tourists and locals despite its unattractive past.

During pleasant weather, the park is bustling with individuals who are enjoying their time socialising, playing football, and frequently singing karaoke. The festivities often continue late into the night. Additionally, every Sunday, the park organises a flea market where you may be able to find some excellent bargains.


Located in the heart of Berlin, this expansive park is a popular escape for locals. Home to numerous monuments, statues, gardens, ponds, and walking paths, the park also boasts vast lawns, a diverse range of plant life, and scenic trees.

It is also home to the Berlin Zoo.


Berlin is a huge, sprawling city, so you’ll need to take public transportation. Luckily, it is plentiful; you’ll find subways, trains, trams, buses, bikes, and taxis. The U-Bahn, S-Bahn, bus, tram, and regional rail all use the same ticket. Don’t forget to validate your ticket before entering the train. 

  • Single One-Way Ticket: €2.80
  • Short Distance (three-stop) Single One-Way Ticket: €1.50
  • Day Card: €7.00
  • Small-Group Ticket (for up to five people — this is the most cost-effective for three people and above): €19.90
  • Bike Rental: €8-€15/day
  • Bus between Tegel Airport and City Center: €2.80
  • Taxi Between Tegel Airport and City Center: €25–€35
  • Berlin Schönefeld Airport Express Train: €1.60
  • Taxi Between Schönefeld and City Center: €50+


Here are some of the top activities I did while in Berlin. I mostly booked this through Get My Guide, as I find the app easy to use, and there is more on there than any other apps I have found.

Best of Berlin Bike Tour

This bike tour was fantastic, and it was one of the best things I did! The meeting point was easy to find, the bikes were comfy and had cute baskets, the guide was friendly and knowledgeable, and Berlin was also very flat!! So you won’t struggle with hills or the pace at all. It was lovely to see lots of places that you wouldn’t normally see just on a walking tour. You can see the one I did here.

£27.76 per person for 3 hours 

Berlin: Boat Tour with Tour Guide

This was something I booked at the last minute, as the weather was lovely and I hadn’t had the chance to be near the water yet. You can explore Berlin’s city centre and the government district on this boat tour. There is a live presentation from the professional tour guide, and you can enjoy sitting on a vessel optimised for panoramic views of this beautiful city. You can book the one I did here.

£13.88 per person and lasts for 1 hour.

Berlin: Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Memorial Tour

You can learn about a dark time in world history on a walking tour of Sachsenhausen, the closest concentration camp to Berlin. See what life was like for Jewish prisoners during the Nazi era on a guided tour. It’s rich in culture and history; you will learn about Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp and hear about some of the notable prisoners of the camp, and all entry fees are included in the price. Here is the one I recommend.

£21.69 per person for about 4 hours 

This was my total spend in Berlin, as I got free accommodation from trusted housesitters, free activities due to some vouchers I needed to use on Get Your Guide, and just being frugal! I hope this helps on your next trip to Berlin.


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