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Need Help Finding A Somewhere To Live?

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The housing crisis is severe, leaving many individuals without homes or safe places to call their own. However, there are services available that provide alternative housing options that people may be unaware of.

I use the internet a lot and have moved homes more than 25 times, so I consider myself to be an expert on renting, where to find affordable accommodation, etc. 

I’ve discovered some websites that provide more affordable accommodations. Private renting is completely absurd, and I have no idea how people can afford it.

I feel fortunate to live in a one-bedroom apartment and pay an average amount to Yorkshire Housing.

Finding Somewhere to Live:

When I was going to live in Darlington (while eventually settling on Darlington Buddhist Centre for a year for £250 a month), I was going to use these websites and move into a property that is currently empty—suitable for a living, but temporary—so good for people who like to move—haven’t got dependents, etc.Here are the websites I used: There are hundreds of empty houses all over England, and they can go for as little as 150 pounds a month to have a roof over your head, so check them out.Ad Hoc: Providing vacant property protection with live-in guardians Empty property protection or a cheap place to live across the UKCamelot Europe: Property in the UK and abroad

Several other alternative housing sites offer private housing, but on a cheaper basis because you don’t go through an estate agent.

These are: 

Gumtree: Gumtree (be careful on this)

Open Rent: an amazing site with cheaper properties



InstagramI sincerely hope that the tips provided will assist you in your search for a suitable dwelling. To stay updated on the latest news and learn more about making money online, do keep visiting my blog.

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