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User Interviews – How To Earn From Your Opinions

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User Interviews – How To Earn From Your Opinions

user interviews

A market research organisation called User Interviews “connects researchers and participants.” UserInterviews conducts research initiatives for well-known companies including Paypal, Spotify, and Google.

You can apply to participate in these research initiatives as a participant. For instance, a User Interviews customer might want to interview people who have children in school, frequently use social media or own electric vehicles.

user interviews


User Interviews – How To Earn From Your Opinions

It’s crucial to realise that businesses always look for particular demographics for their user research. This can result in you having to wait a very long period to “fit the profile.” You may see numerous studies that you are not eligible for before finding several “great fits” all of a sudden in a month.

Understanding this is important for two reasons:

First of all, want to make sure you understand that UserInterviews (and other similar market research websites) are places to make additional money, not a means of subsistence.

Second, it stresses the significance of not quitting and presuming a website is useless just because you don’t immediately qualify for a study.


How Can User Interviews Generate income?

Participating in market research studies can come in a variety of forms, but in general, this is how you make money from user interviews:

Try out new websites and apps, then give your feedback on them in user testing.

  • Interviews: Respond to queries about goods and services during a video conference, typically.
  • Focus Groups: Giving input in a virtual community.
  • Diary Studies: Prolonged studies that typically pay extremely well and record activities like eating and watching TV.

Nothing about the task is intimidating. There are “no wrong answers,” you are frequently told when participating, and you are being paid to express your ideas and provide feedback.

It’s important to remember that although some User Interviews studies offer cash prizes, others offer payment options.


user interviews


Where can I conduct a user interview?

You must live in one of the following countries: the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, or South Africa if you want to take part in studies on user interviews. It’s worth returning occasionally if you’re somewhere else because the business does appear to be expanding to new areas.

How to Sign up & Earn From Your Opinions

User interviews are quite easy to begin. After completing a brief sign-up procedure, you create a profile to inform the UserInterviews system about your demographic details, and you are then free to begin applying to studies.

You have two options for finding relevant research: either browse the listings or wait for email updates about studies that fit your criteria.

I’ve received emails when I’m successfully matched to studies, but the best way to increase your chances of landing paid studies is to routinely read the ads and apply to everything that interests you.

Then you wait to find out if you were chosen by the researchers for that study. You receive an email notification if they do. Then, depending on the type of study, you can either begin right away (if it’s automated) or schedule a convenient time (whether it’s a live exam or an interview-style study).

How You Get Paid

As soon as your payment is prepared, you will get an email.

If you’ve finished a study for a gift card reward, you can choose from a variety of redemption methods by clicking a link.

It’s helpful that you can choose your native currency to view possibilities specific to your nation.

The electronic gift card is delivered as soon as you select your selection. I mostly get amazon vouchers from this site.

Overall I have made over £2000 from taking part in research from this site, so definitely worth your time!

user interviews

Tips for User Interviews

While you will receive email invitations to studies, the best approach to make sure you don’t miss anything is to regularly check the listings.

Always be truthful when answering the screening questions: Avoid attempting to “trick” research into accepting you by giving the responses you believe it needs.

Update your profile regularly: User Interviews will perform better if they have more information about you. You can connect via your Facebook page, so information is transferred from there to make it easier

User Interviews Alternatives A website providing online focus groups and several additional study possibilities that is very similar to User Interviews. This website focuses a little more on studies with a business emphasis.

Another website that combines in-person interviews and usability assessments is TestingTime. On this website, I’ve personally taken part in (and profited from) several studies.


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