Surveys Sites to Make Extra Money

Surveys Sites to Make Extra Money

Easy Ways to Start Earning Today


So here is a long list of the surveys sites to make extra money

This year has made me rethink how I save and earn money. I’m no expert, but on a day-to-day basis, I somehow earn money-whether that is £1.00 to £100.00. Let’s take a look at some survey sites to make extra money online.

People often ask me how. I tell them and they don’t do anything about it. I get it… it’s hard work and takes a lot of time and dedication. But.. if you get in the habit of doing it daily, it adds up and you can make a good amount weekly.

These are the top sites I use daily. I suggest signing up for them all and then downloading the apps if they have one. Then get to know what you like using the best as everyone will prefer different types!


These are all UK-friendly, as that is where I live. Of course, some are applicable worldwide as well.

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IPSOS SURVEY SITE – Website and App – You earn points for taking surveys – between 5 and 250 points for each – which can then be redeemed for vouchers. It varies by retailer, but you need 490 points to get a £5 Amazon voucher, and most members average four surveys a month. Click the link below for my referral.


Surveys Sites to Make Extra Money
In one year I have earned £75.00

Swagbucks Website and App – Swagbucks pays you points to answer daily polls. You can also mix it up by getting paid to watch videos, search via its page instead of Google and even play free online games. Points can be spent on rewards in its Rewards Store – for example, 700 points equal a £5 Amazon voucher.

Cash-out method: Money directly into your PayPal, gift vouchers (including Amazon), and Sweepstakes entries.


Surveys Sites to Make Extra Money
As you can see I’ve earned 29,661 overall which equals about £200.00

Curious Cat App – Quite a fun app – short surveys but you do get times out quite a lot – but points can add up quite quickly! The app is easy to use and lets you cash out when you reach 100 points (£1). 

Cash-out method: PayPal (after you’ve earned just £1).


Surveys Sites to Make Extra Money


Crowdology WebsiteA slow burner website – I have only earned about £30 for the last year which you can get back via Paypal but it’s good if you are bored!

Cashout method: Rewards are redeemed via PayPal, GCodes or as Amazon Gift Certificates


Qmee App & WEBSITE– Frequent surveys via the app or on your laptop, but on the lower-paying side. Quite quick to do if you’re out and about though. Share your opinions, complete surveys and earn cash rewards. Get new surveys instantly! Activate your streak to increase your rewards.

Cash-out method – Cash out to PayPal at any time – no minimum cash out! Spend your rewards on a gift card or donate to charity.


Surveys Sites to Make Extra Money


Panel Opinion Website and App – Quick and easy surveys but only been using them a short while so haven’t earned very much yet! The app is useful to have.



POPULUS LIVE WEBSITE – Quite a good survey site I’ve only just remembered them again so reregistered to start! Their payment threshold is 50 points, One point equals £1. They pay by BACS or Cheques (you can choose one of these options). The system is automated so you don’t need to redeem or claim your rewards.


APPINO SURVEY APP – Link only works on your phone. Small polls to fill in every day – very slow to build up cash but easy to do. Compare your opinion and see what the world thinks! Earn vouchers for your votes, level up and create your polls!

Cash-out method – Earn Appinio coins and exchange them for high-quality vouchers


ATTAPOLL APP – It’s available for both Android and Apple. It’s a low-effort survey app – surveys take around 2-5 minutes (but they’ll let you know roughly how long it’ll take to complete before you accept it).

Cash-out method: Money directly into your PayPal (you’ll need to withdraw a minimum of £5)


MY IYO APP – Surveys on your phone are quick and points add up quickly.


INFLUENCE APP – Short questions that you have to answer doing a video – so if you don’t feel comfortable doing short videos on your phone this isn’t for you. but it pays quite well! Influence is an app available in the US, UK and Australia on iOS & Android

Cash-out method: Money directly into your PayPal (minimum withdrawal of £10)



VIEWSBANK – Viewsbank is an online community where you can exchange opinions and stories on the topics that matter to you. Used on the computer.

Cash-out method – There is a threshold of £12 in your Viewsbank account balance that PayPal (the threshold for your first payment is £12.00). Viewsbank will automatically send you your earnings when you reach the threshold (this can take up to 30 days to arrive).


Surveys Sites to Make Extra Money

VETRI APP – Another Surveys Sites to Make Extra Money. Rare to get a survey but the points are quite good!

Code – BQC83866 


BRANDED SURVEYS WEBSITE Their surveys are quite simple, and you can see your rewards stacking up quite quickly.

Cash-out method: Money directly into your PayPal (minimum withdrawal of £10).


Surveys Sites to Make Extra Money


MINGLE WEBSITE – you will take part in market and opinion research surveys. Online questionnaires are probably the most common form of survey. The mingle app is available for Android devices

Cash-out method – Either PayPal or vouchers when you get to 1 500 mingle points = £12


Surveys Sites to Make Extra Money

clickworker WEBSITEI’ve been active on Clickworker for a while now. It’s a site where you can earn some money on the side by writing, translating and doing research. Check it out. Registration is free.



OPINION BAR WEBSITE – Been using this website for a few years and it’s been steady. Made about £100 overall as I don’t get many emails to do the surveys – you can cash out in lots of different ways though once you have £10.00


Surveys Sites to Make Extra Money



OHMYDOSH WEBSITE – Earn money by completing offers on OhMyDosh. These offers could be anything from a free trial, completing surveys or switching your energy supplier.



Surveys Sites to Make Extra Money
Surveys Sites to Make Extra Money with Referral Rewards




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