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Free Food with these Handy Apps

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Download and sign up for cashback apps which offer you money back on selected purchases.

Get free food with these handy apps below.


These food apps work with brands that pay them for generating sales, and some of that money is passed on to you when you buy the food and claim back the money with your food receipt. 

If you’re shopping in the big supermarkets anyway, check the apps beforehand and note any freebies and discounts you can utilise before you go. I have personally used it for years, getting completely free food and free drinks and using it alongside their loyalty schemes, you can grab a bargain. 

It can save you so much money and it’s a good way to try out new products you wouldn’t normally purchase. Even if you are not wanting the food or drink yourself, I grab the freebies so I can collect points and either give them to friends or put them in the supermarket’s food bank for others.


The majority of its products are new-to-market which makes trying them fun! You can sometimes get completely free food. Some offers are available to everyone, while others are personalised.

They also have an RRP scheme which you might get an invitation to if you have used the app for a while. You will receive more rewards but have to link the app to online supermarkets so you can leave reviews after you have bought the item to receive your cashback.

There is a processing fee of 5% when transferring amounts up to £19.99 to your bank, transfers of £20.00 or more incur no processing fee.


Cashback app that gives you personalised healthy food and drink offers every Monday for the week ahead. They work with brands that are sustainable and healthier.

It’s free to use just save the items you want on the app, snap your receipts and claim your cash! This is the one I use the most as I think the offers are better and there seem to be more freebies.

Sometimes the cashback happens asap, but some receipts can take longer. I’ve personally never had any problems with this & always received my cashback. 

My referral code is helpsavemoney – or if you click here it will automatically use my referral. 


I like this app, you can filter onto each supermarket and normally get a good percentage of certain food products. they also have laundry and beauty products on there on high quilty brands. My favourite freebie was a Costa coffee cold drink that I had never tried before, so nice!

You can also save time by storing all your loyalty cards directly in the app Refer a friend and get £3 worth of cashback when their first request is accepted. Your friends will also get a free welcome gift.

The big supermarkets are all on there – but they have others such as Boots, WHSmith, Wilkos, Tesco and more.

You can also join the loyalty program that gives you access to their exclusive offers. This is the one with a good referral scheme, you receive free Chocolates and I get £3 off when using the app for purchases.

How to get the cashback 

  • Ensure you have the right product (double-check that you have the right size, flavour, etc).
  • Be sure to keep your receipt as it is proof that you purchased the product. To receive your money back, you must take a picture of your receipt and upload it to the app.
  • CheckoutSmart and Green Jinn require you to request your cashback once it reaches a certain amount. Your cashback will be automatically credited to your PayPal or bank account when you use the Shopmium app
  • If there is a freebie on the app, I always get them and if I won’t be using it – I give it to the food bank in the shop. Makes you feel good doing a good deed for the day!

So if you want free food with these handy apps make sure you download them all and start saving! 

If you are looking at other ways to save money on your food shopping, cashback can be a fab way to do this – my cashback post will explain in more detail how this works and what to do. 


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