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  • Unbiased Review – find a financial adviser near you

    Unbiased Review – find a financial adviser near you The Unbiased platform is the best place to find trusted advisors. Using the site is one of the fastest and easiest ways to find the right professional if you need help with your finances. Professionals are appropriately regulated, qualified, and independent of product providers, so you can trust their advice. Using their smart system, you can find a professional who matches your requirements, saving you time and effort. Alternatively, you can browse a list of local professionals and filter them to suit your preferences. Full list of services‍ Pensions & retirement Financial planning Savings Tax & trust planning Business Mortgages Investments…

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  • my worthwhile purchase in 2022

    My Worthwhile Purchases in 2022

    My Worthwhile Purchases in 2022 When looking to make any kind of worthwhile purchase, most people will spend some time trying to find a way to save money. While this is certainly worthwhile for many different purchases, you will find that some purchases in life are worth spending a little bit more on. The saying “buy cheap, buy twice” applies to these purchases, which should be viewed as long-term investments. So, what purchases are always worth the money for me? Here are some common factors that people consider when determining whether they are worthwhile purchases in 2022: Quality – A product that is well-made and built to last is considered…

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  • Want To Get Paid To Walk Your Dog?

    Want To Get Paid To Walk Your Dog?

      Want To Get Paid To Walk Your Dog? Biscuit is an app that has been developed to help pet owners care for the health and pet wellbeing of their four-legged friends and be rewarded for doing so. Initially focused on supporting dog owners, Biscuit awards points called “Biscuits” for walking dogs and engaging in other pet well-being elements such as adhering to flea and worm treatments.     Dog owners can exchange their earned biscuits for rewards such as shopping vouchers at amazing places such as Tesco, Iceland, Asda, Nandos and also discounts on pet care, pet food and treatments.  By personalising and offering assistance for each dog’s needs depending on age and breed, Biscuit uses a unique algorithm to advise dog owners on how often and how long they should walk their dogs. They are rewarded with biscuits for meeting their goals.   By earning Wellbeing Badges like the Flea and Worm Badge and the Microchip Badge, you can accumulate more biscuits.  In 2023, more badges covering a variety of dog health and wellbeing topics will be released – this means more shopping vouchers for us! …

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  • Apple VS Android – Which is Best?

    Android Vs Apple, Which Brand Is Better? Why are people so divided over these two giants? I don’t know, but I’ll save you the trouble and spare you from reading twenty more articles that claim to have the answers. As technology moves forward, people are faced with difficult decisions about the mobile devices that they purchase. Many customers struggle to decide which brand is better Android or iPhone/iPad. As a result of this confusion, many consumers can not decide what way to go. Before picking a brand and replacing your old device with a new one, keep an open mind and evaluate these two options. I recently switched from a…

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  • Make Money Product Testing

    Make Money Product Testing How I started Product Testing   Companies are eager to get opinions on their products before they send them to market, and they rely on people like you to give their honest opinions. After that, they see what people like and dislike about it, what could be changed, what works well, and what doesn’t. The goods are sent to you for free after you apply online. As return, you are asked to write a review and occasionally share your opinions on social media I haven’t been doing this all that long, but the more websites I have signed up for, the more opportunities to test things…

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  • Self Employment Tax Guide

    Self Employment Tax Guide Running a business and paying tax Self Employment Tax Guide – Being self-employed means: Running your own business Being responsible to work out and pay your tax Dealing with HM Revenue and Customs I have been self-employed for around 8 years now and I know when I first started with my Etsy business @gembobs_crafts I didn’t have a clue what to do with Tax & I found HMRC scary! I thought I would help you learn a few of the basics to get started… Side hustle tax basics What is self-employment & a self-assessment tax return? If you earn over £1,000 through side hustles, you will…

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  • Cheddar: The App That Pays You To Shop & Eat Out

    What is the Cheddar Cashback App? The App Pays You To Shop & Eat Out by collecting and earning cashback. Earn cashback with the Cheddar app. Cheddar provides a simple method for sending and receiving payments as well as earning rewards on regular transactions.  I love cashback websites and applications, and Cheddar is one of the simplest to use because you can make money with little to no effort.  Once you’ve signed up and connected your cards, all that’s left to do is make purchases at participating stores, and Cheddar will automatically reward you with cashback. This app is similar to Airtime rewards and LoyalBe and can work alongside them…

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  • Make Money Upcycling Furniture

    Side Hustle Guide Make Money Upcycling Furniture Here is the first instalment in my side hustle series, where I share how I have made extra money in my spare time! How I started to make money upcycling furniture I began upcycling furniture when I moved into a ground-floor flat alone and didn’t want to spend much money on furniture.  I started finding older pieces on Gumtree & eBay that were cheap – that I could paint or varnish to spruce up. I would look to see what was on trend and then increase the chances of selling. I tried to take the best photos possible (photos are everything) and stage…

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  • The Difference Between Credit Checks

    The Difference Between Credit Checks It’s important to understand the difference between credit checks and the effects of hard and soft credit checks when you apply for credit.   Did you know that a credit check could slightly lower your credit score?  It’s critical to understand how applying for credit will affect your credit score.  How come? The two different types of credit checks—soft and hard—are to blame for this.   The Difference Between Credit Checks – What does a “Soft Credit Check” mean? An overview of your entire credit report would be similar to a soft credit check. It provides the person looking into your credit with a high-level view of your credit report, which is typically sufficient to make a judgement regarding things like insurance premiums, utility bills, and occasionally employment. When you check your credit report, you also see it. Your credit report is unaffected by soft credit checks. This means that you can check your credit score as…

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  • Remember to Take a Break

    It allows your body and mind to recharge. Striking a balance between physical activity and taking time for relaxation is crucial in maintaining a healthy body and mind. By engaging in regular exercise and allowing yourself ample time to rest and recharge, you can improve your overall well-being and boost your productivity levels. Remember, taking care of your body and mind is the key to achieving success and leading a fulfilling life. Taking a break: Forbes has. a great post on how to unplug in our busy world, which gives you tips and tricks for taking a break if you’re a naturally busy person. In our fast-paced world, it’s easy…

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