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Make Money Product Testing

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Make Money Product Testing

How I started Product Testing


Companies are eager to get opinions on their products before they send them to market, and they rely on people like you to give their honest opinions.

After that, they see what people like and dislike about it, what could be changed, what works well, and what doesn’t. The goods are sent to you for free after you apply online.

As return, you are asked to write a review and occasionally share your opinions on social media

I haven’t been doing this all that long, but the more websites I have signed up for, the more opportunities to test things have come up.


How It Progressed

Every panel is slightly different. Some sites like Home Tester Club want you to review them after, the better your review (photos are a plus) the more chance you will get picked for others.

Some sites want you to keep quiet about what you are testing and do a survey on your thoughts after trying. Some want you to do a video diary whilst testing! (i like these!)

Some people who do this a lot have set up a dedicated Instagram so they can post their reviews on there, especially skincare and makeup testers Influenster is a good website for this.

If you are interested in this just start following @Influenster to see examples.


What do I have to do?

The great thing about becoming a product tester is that anyone can do it. Everything is location-based, so once you input your postcode, jobs will come up that you can apply for.

You don’t need any qualifications to begin working as a tester. You simply sign up for product testing sites in the UK, which contract their testers out to companies to try their products.

These agencies then match the people on their books to the requested groups so they can reach the target audience they’re after. The amount of time you spend testing a product can vary.

It depends on the kind of product and the kind of study, though you can expect to test products for a week up to two weeks.


What have I tested?

This is an overview of some of the products I have tested over the last couple of years.

Product Testing Sites I Use


Make Money Product Testing – Other Freebie Opportunities

As well as the usual product testing sites, I have also tested on some of the platforms listed below.

Sometimes survey sites will give you the chance to test products and then do a focus group after to get your opinion; these are normally well-paid as well, so make sure you grab them if one comes up!

I had one testing a new shark hoover, and they said I could keep it!

Is it for me?

If you love to give your opinion and fancy testing all the latest products before they hit the market, then product testing is absolutely for you!

Now that I never know what’s going to arrive in the mail, I look forward to getting it. My postman must hate me!

You normally do not get paid for this type of thing. Sometimes with sites like Zestfieldwork and Paidproducttesting, you will get a fee, but for most sites, you will just be sent the freebies.

Tips & Tricks


Look for money-saving Facebook groups. I am a member of a few groups, and people post freebie finds all the time and where to find them.

Some sites I use are – Free Stuff, Comps & The Ultimate Bargains Community by Magic Freebies UK

Ensure you fill out your entire profile on the website. Businesses use this information to determine if you are suitable, so this information will help you.

The best way to increase your chances of being chosen again is to complete all the tasks you’ve promised so social media sharing, discussing the product and leaving a review etc.


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