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Best Side Hustle Ideas 2024

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Here are the Best side hustle ideas in 2024 that I useBut first, a little introduction

I have always been quite savvy with making my own money. I’ve had a varied life full of different jobsBest side hustle ideas 2022

Nursery nurse, dental nurse, retail assistant, admin at a prison, café worker, crafter (self-employed), teaching assistant… the list goes on! I’ve loved all of them in different ways.

My health has always made me unable to do some of these things long-term, which is a shame. My crafts have been a lifesaver, and yes, I don’t make much money from them, but I would rather do this than roll around in a Jag! Anyway… here are some tips and tricks to make a bit of money in your spare time.

I have done this kind of thing for a few years now, and it has made me thousands of pounds… from surveys, market research, focus groups, mystery shopping, walking/receipt uploading apps, voucher codes, and cashback sites.

Yes, it might look like a lot of work, but once you get in the habit of doing them, it becomes your norm. So when walking, I can do a couple of surveys on my Facebook as market research pages pinned to the top so I can see the research needed right away.Here are some sites I use that I will be updating. Also, if you know of any more,

please comment,

and I will add them!!

Best side hustle ideas 2022

Focus groups

FOCUS FORCE – Good company to apply for groups that are mainly done through Zoom now. You will get email notifications when something comes up that you can apply for.

ANGELFISH: lots of focus groups; well paid. I have taken part in a few, and they have been excellent.

RESPONDENT  – a company that pays respondents to help researchers with their studies. The research projects vary from week to week, so keep checking this website for new ones. Most studies can be done from home on your computer.

PAID FOCUS GROUP  – This is quite new to me, and I mainly use the app—simple focus groups you can apply for—without seeing many, so money is not adding up quickly.

PEOPLE FOR RESEARCH – Another focus group site to sign up to, as they will email you with groups to apply to. Very well-paid groups are mainly done via Zoom at the moment.

CODE RESEARCH – is new to me at the moment, but there look to be several groups you can apply to!

I THOUGHTS RESEARCH – Once you have been added to their panel, they will usually contact you via email. Before you are invited, you will need to answer several screening questions to make sure you are eligible to take part. Amounts typically vary between around £30 and £125 per event, sometimes even more.

FOCUS 4 PEOPLE – One of the best market research groups;

it is easy to apply,

and you get quite a lot of money for taking part! You will get emails if you fit into a new project to apply to.


FIELD AGENT  – easy app to download; quick-paying with small jobs that pop up now and then. It’s good just to have on your phone to complete little mystery shops, which normally entail taking a few photos of specific products in certain shops. Pay is between £4 and 12

ESA RETAIL: This is a good website that I just started using last year. I like it, I get good local visits, and I have gotten a lot of free things, such as chocolate from Thorntons, free food shopping, train tickets, and more. You get a refund of your purchase (by taking a photo of your receipt), and then you also get a little extra money for your time.

AMBER ARCH -  only available on the website—a bit of a slow burner, but good to check now and then! I only use this on my laptop.

Market Force I have been on this site for years,

and it is my favourite. I have earned quite a lot from this site and have visited places such as Next, William Hill, and restaurants, Bowling, Greggs, Prett, Superdrug, and lots more!Again, you get to keep the purchase and then get money added for your time. I like this one as lots of jobs get added and every time you complete a job, you get points and the more points you have, the more jobs you can do.


Best side hustle ideas 2024 (Extras)


American Express (Amex) offers a reward scheme in the UK known as the referral programme, designed to incentivise existing cardholders to recommend Amex cards to friends and family. Under this scheme:

  1. Referral Bonuses: When a current Amex cardholder refers someone, and the referral results in a new card membership, the referring cardholder often receives bonus points. These points can be utilised for various rewards, such as travel, shopping, or statement credits.
  2. Tiered Bonuses: Depending on the type of card the referrer holds, they might receive different amounts of bonus points for each successful referral.
  3. Annual Limits: There might be a cap on the number of referral bonuses a cardholder can earn in a year, ensuring fair usage of the programme.
  4. New Member Rewards: New members who join through a referral link can also benefit from welcome offers, which may include additional points, a waiver of the annual fee for the first year, or other perks exclusive to the referral programme.

I have a full blog post dedicated to the Amex reward card, as I love it so much! You can read it here.

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Best side hustle ideas 2022


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