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How To Side Hustle and Go Freelance Podcast

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The Money Gains Podcast – EP05 – How To Side Hustle and Go Freelance

I recently had the exciting opportunity to be a guest on a podcast for the first time! The episode focused on tips and strategies for Side Hustle and Go Freelance, and it was truly a surreal and amazing experience.

Sammie, a financial blogger, had reached out to a finance group I belong to, and I immediately jumped at the chance to participate.

I love listening to his podcasts anyway, he has amazing people on there covering a range of different finance topics. I listen on Spotify but they are also on Sammie’s website and Apple Music.

Today we’re joined by Gemma from Help Save Money with How To Side Hustle And Go Freelance

Help Save Money is an Instagram channel and blog with over 50k followers dedicated to helping you make money from side hustles and save money.

Gemma is a freelance side-hustling queen with her hands in many pies, documenting her latest hustles as she goes.

Always looking for a deal or a chance to make money, Gemma is an inspiration, having struggled with illness throughout her life.

I know you’ll get so much from this episode, so let me know what you think in the reviews!

Side Hustle and Go Freelance

Who is Gemma?

Gemma who joins us from York is a pure creative. Her crafting business Gembobs Crafts sells a range of handmade animal cushions and designs.

She is also extremely creative about her side hustles which she uses to live a freelancer lifestyle.

Having graduated from an open university with a degree in product design and innovation Gemma has used her education to start her own small business.

Since then she started Help Save Money and has been featured in The Guardian and The Sun newspapers documenting her side hustles and lifestyle.

Help Save Money Links

Again, thank you so much Sammie for having me part of your show! If you want to have a look at other podcasts I recommended I have a dedicated post about my current favourites below

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