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Best Receipt Apps For Earning Money in the UK

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Best Receipt Apps For Earning Money in the UK

Receipt apps are the best way to maximize your earnings and save money in the UK. With receipt apps like Storewards and HuYu, you can easily earn rewards and cash back for submitting receipts from your shopping trips.

All you need to do is link the app to your payment method, upload photos of your receipts, and then get rewarded with points or cash. Well, why don’t you start earning a bit of cash?

I use four main apps on my phone every day (or thereabouts), take a photo, upload them to all apps, answer a couple of questions and get points. Each app has different rules so here is a description of them all.

You can use all of them simultaneously, which means you can make even more rewards than if you just used one of them.

Overall I’ve made over £150 this year just doing this.

Shoppix: Take a photo of your receipt, build up points and earn either money in your PayPal or Amazon vouchers. Earn 25 points and an extra 5 if you take the photo on the same day. The minimum cash out is 3200 points which is £5. They offer scratch cards which can contain points, and little surveys and you can move up shelves! This is my favourite as it’s quick and interactive.



Zip Zero: ZIPZERO rewards are strictly reserved for making bill payments. Just like the other apps, you scan your receipts and upload them. I previously used but they had money troubles and have only just restarted their app. I’m a bit dubious about using them again, so I will let you do your research.

StorewardsThis is another favourite of mine as it adds up quickly. Take a photo, no need to answer questions so it’s very easy to do. I always wait till I can cash out the max and that is a £10 amazon voucher for 95,000 points, which doesn’t take long as you get 600 points per receipt.

Earn Money by Scanning Your Receipts

If you connect your Hotmail and Amazon you can also earn more points every month. Plus, you can earn extra for logging in each day. Any receipt must be snapped within 14 days of purchase.

Earn Money by Scanning Your Receipts

HuYu:  They only accept receipts from supermarkets! So check before you upload. You get 5 points per receipt. You can earn money by referring friends and answering surveys. Cash out when you hit 500 points which is £5. This takes a while to do and is my least favourite. You can now forward your Email receipt // e-receipt (also known as Order Confirmation) from ASDA, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Ocado, Tesco and Waitrose online grocery shopping using HuYu’s Forward E-Receipt feature

Earn Money by Scanning Your Receipts

Snap My Eats: For every 5 photos you take, you earn a £1 voucher, with a maximum of £5 per month. If you upload 25 receipts per month you will get a fiver! So a good money maker but you do have to answer a few more questions and the app is quite slow.

Earn Money by Scanning Your Receipts

Food/drink receipts only. Vouchers can be exchanged at Amazon, Caffè Nero, Great British Pub, Harvester, iTunes UK, M&S and Pizza Express.

Earn Money by Scanning Your Receipts

Shopprize –Each receipt pays 120 coins with 10,000 paying a £5 Amazon voucher. But you also earn extra coins for logging into the app each day and bonus points as you move up levels. Plus, you can earn extra for referring your friends. Shopprize is only available for Android devices and is not available to download anymore.



Several receipt-scanning apps work slightly differently from those above. Instead of receiving money for any old receipt, you earn money back when you buy certain items.

These apps are used to promote new products. They hope that if you try and like an item, you’ll be a customer for life.

I also use Swagbucks and ClickSnap (on Quidco) for certain food and drinks that are on their app. You will have to check what items they accept though as it changes quite a bit.


Best Receipt Apps For Earning Money in the UK – FAQs

Can you use multiple apps?

Yes, you can use all receipt apps at the same time to scan receipts.

Can I use the same receipt more than once?

You can only use the receipt once per app. However, you can use the same receipt across all receipt apps.

Do you need a PayPal account?

Most of the apps payout as cash to PayPal, although a few offer gift cards. It’s best to get a PayPal account, so you have more flexibility.

How long does it take for the apps to payout?

Once you’ve saved up enough points, most apps payout within 24 hours.

Can I use the apps for in-store and online shops?

Most of the apps allow you to scan shopping receipts online as well as in-store purchases.



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