What Is Market Research?

What Is Market Research?

Four common types of market research techniques include –



-focus groups,

-customer observation.

Companies and organisations across the UK will pay you for your feedback and opinions about the digital and consumer products and services you use. Anything between £10-£120 per hour. Several companies offer mystery shopping, product trials, focus groups, phone interviews and online interviews.

I have been taking part in all of these for a few years now – I started because of the famous martin lewis website, and he suggested surveys as a way to earn some side income. I started and became a little obsessed (as i do with most things!).

I then started to research a little more and came across companies that let you test products for money for your feedback and also mystery shopping which i really enjoy doing!

Technology has dramatically changed over the past few years and now a lot of survey sites and mystery shopping sites are Apps … GAME CHANGER! So now i can access them easily everyday and complete as many as i can fit in my day. Have a look at my other posts on recommendations on what apps i use daily to get a decent amount of income.

I have also recently (during lockdown) been doing focus groups over Zoom which has been amazing! My favourite earner by far… here is the low down….