• Brand New Super Cashback App

    Brand New Super Cashback App Connect your bank accounts and get automatic cashback on your shopping in certain stores. This app is similar to Airtime rewards and LoyalBe and can work alongside them – so even more cashback for us! There are so many brands on there at the moment, and more are being added weekly. Love the fact supermarkets are on the app too! Very handy! What do I need to do? Here’s how to get your free £10 from Super: Download the Super app here Enter and verify your mobile number Register a new account On the next screen you will see a ‘Welcome’ pop up Click ‘Redeem…

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  • Freejackpot Daily Spins Website

    Want to grab yourself some free money and have a bit of fun as well? Freejackpot.com is proud to be a completely FREE alternative to gambling. Entry is simple. Just sign up and start collecting free tickets daily by playing games, watching videos, buying vouchers and shopping online. It takes 2 minutes and doesn’t require any I.D or card verification to receive the reward. The gift card is redeemable at loads of stores that  includes New Look, Morrisons, Curry’s and Love2Shop How to get your free £1 gift card Get a £2.50 FREE Gift Card of your choice with Freejackpot Follow the steps in this blog post to complete the…

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  • Top Tips For Saving Money In 2023

    You might be surprised to learn how much you can save in the UK when you’re smart about your spending decisions. The reality is that if you’re not careful, you’ll spend more than you need to on things like utilities, food, entertainment, and even travel expenses—no matter where you live in the country or what your income level happens to be. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be the case. Let’s see below for more details about Top Tips For Saving Money In 2023. Set Goals Every Month So You Have Something To Work Towards Once you know what kind of lifestyle you want to achieve, start setting goals every month.…

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  • Simple Ways To Earn Money 2023

    Invest your savings by yourself and start making money. There are two types of investing: active and passive. The former involves attending investment conferences, researching different stocks, and trying to decide which one to pick. Active investing is quite a rigorous process since you need to do the research yourself and make cost-benefit comparisons while being sure not to get carried away with excitement. This can all be done on your own, but why would you want to? Passive investing is a much less intense way to invest because it relies on the work of others—online Robo advisors—to do all the heavy lifting for you (and usually does better). But…

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  • Best Receipt Apps For Earning Money in the UK

    RECEIPT APPS Best Receipt Apps For Earning Money in the UK Receipt apps are the best way to maximize your earnings and save money in the UK. With receipt apps like Storewards and HuYu, you can easily earn rewards and cash back for submitting receipts from your shopping trips. All you need to do is link the app to your payment method, upload photos of your receipts, and then get rewarded with points or cash. Well, why don’t you start earning a bit of cash? I use four main apps on my phone every day (or thereabouts), take a photo, upload them to all apps, answer a couple of questions…

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