Panel Opinion Survey Site

Panel Opinion Survey Site

What is Panel Opinion?

Panel Opinion is a survey website and app that contain a series of questions around a specific topic. Their purpose is to gather large volumes of quantitative data easily for market research.

I have been part of this panel for a while now and have cashed out about £50 overall on their sites.

They also have a handy blog which gives tips and tricks for making money online.

Why do companies want to pay you for your opinion?

A paid survey is used to collect quantitative information about the participants’ personal and economic habits set against their particular demographic.

Research companies often use online paid surveys to gain a deeper understanding of customers’ tastes and opinions. By offering a cash incentive to respondents in return for feedback these companies can quickly fill quotas and collect the information being sought by the client.

To take part in these paid surveys, consumers show an interest in sharing their opinion by registering on panel websites.

I am currently part of several survey sites which are listed in my blog, everyone I write about is legit and worth being part of as every survey adds up and turns into money. Remember, the more you do… the more you will make!

Panel opinion currently has a group of websites that you can sign up for, this will be merging shortly to just being ‘Panel Opinion’. So instead of signing into all of them, it will be easier just to have one that has everything in one place.

panel websites

Once you have completed several surveys with Panel Opinion, you can choose:
– a PayPal payment (which arrives within 10 days)
– a direct bank transfer (BACS) payment (which arrives within 15 days)
– a love-to-shop voucher

Monthly Draws

Panel Opinion also enters participants into a monthly VIP draw where you have the chance to win £250.

Panel Opinion Payments

Once you reach £10.00 or more, you can go to your Home page and click on ‘Cash out’.

With Panel Opinion, you can choose:
– a PayPal payment (which arrives within 10 days)
– a direct bank transfer (BACS) payment (which arrives within 15 days)
– a cheque in the post (which arrives within 15 days)
You can find these on the ‘Get rewarded’ page.




If you would like to sign up the panel opinion and earn a bit of extra pocket money use my referral link to get started

Panel opinion sign up


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