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    Help Available During the Rise in the Cost of Living in the UK

    Help is available now for every household. There are over 40 schemes to help with the cost of living. You can check what you’re eligible for here The rising cost of living in the UK has impacted many households. This blog post will provide information on the help available for those struggling to make ends meet. There has already been financial help with energy bills last winter of 2022. Every household got £400 towards their bills. This automatic, non-repayable discount was applied in six instalments between October 2022 and March 2023 to help households through the winter. Since October, the Energy Price Guarantee has capped the unit cost of gas…

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  • Energy Efficient Appliances for your Kitchen

    Given the cost-of-living crisis, we’re all becoming more conscious of how much our appliances cost to run, so I have compiled a list of energy-efficient appliances to help you save money It can be expensive to upgrade your home appliances. You can, however, save money in the long run by choosing wisely. A new appliance’s rating is an important factor to consider before purchasing it.  Under current EU law, all appliances you buy must carry an energy-efficiency label.  Energy Efficient Appliances for your Kitchen – Ratings from A-G The ratings go from A (green and most efficient) to G (red and least efficient).  How do energy efficiency labels work? Energy…

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  • House Hacking In The UK

    Have you come across a term called “house hacking”? It’s commonly used in the US to describe a method used to try and self-finance a mortgage. But is house hacking in the UK a possibility? In this insight, we will cover what house hacking is, and if it’s possible to house hack in the UK. Key Takeaways House hacking in the UK will go some way to paying your mortgage costs, but possibly not all. You can benefit from the rent-a-room scheme allowing you to earn tax-free income from your house hack. Most lenders allow lodgers in the house, but you must also be a resident of the property. UK…

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  • Self Employment Tax Guide

    Self Employment Tax Guide Running a business and paying tax Self Employment Tax Guide – Being self-employed means: Running your own business Being responsible to work out and pay your tax Dealing with HM Revenue and Customs I have been self-employed for around 8 years now and I know when I first started with my Etsy business @gembobs_crafts I didn’t have a clue what to do with Tax & I found HMRC scary! I thought I would help you learn a few of the basics to get started… Side hustle tax basics What is self-employment & a self-assessment tax return? If you earn over £1,000 through side hustles, you will…

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  • Free Food with these Handy Apps

    Download and sign up for cashback apps which offer you money back on selected purchases. Get free food with these handy apps below.   These food apps work with brands that pay them for generating sales, and some of that money is passed on to you when you buy the food and claim back the money with your food receipt.  If you’re shopping in the big supermarkets anyway, check the apps beforehand and note any freebies and discounts you can utilise before you go. I have personally used it for years, getting completely free food and free drinks and using it alongside their loyalty schemes, you can grab a bargain. …

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  • Sinking Funds – What Are They?!

    Have you ever heard of sinking funds?! I know I hadn’t before starting my financial freedom journey. I only set mine up this year – and I wish I had started sooner! A sinking fund is a way to mentally and physically allocate your money so as to better protect you and your peace of mind.  For me, I have always felt guilty about spending money. I don’t know why or where it stems from, but it’s really hard for me to buy treats, days out or anything fun! Sinking funds allow you to make small, manageable steps toward your ultimate goal in my opinion. What is a Sinking Fund?…

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  • Airtime Rewards Cashback App

    It’s passive, you don’t have to do anything once you have set it all up. Then the money you get rewarded goes straight off your phone bill. A nice little bonus especially at the moment when bills are rising! Which networks does the app work with? You have the option to withdraw your earnings from Airtime Rewards to 8 different networks, namely: 3, EE, giffgaff, Lebara Mobile, Lycamobile, Now PAYG, O2, and Vodafone. If your network is not on the list, withdrawal is impossible. Nevertheless, you can still link to a family member’s account or continue collecting your earnings. This might encourage you to switch to one of the listed…

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  • Need Help Finding A Somewhere To Live?

    The housing crisis is severe, leaving many individuals without homes or safe places to call their own. However, there are services available that provide alternative housing options that people may be unaware of. I use the internet a lot and have moved homes more than 25 times, so I consider myself to be an expert on renting, where to find affordable accommodation, etc.  I’ve discovered some websites that provide more affordable accommodations. Private renting is completely absurd, and I have no idea how people can afford it. I feel fortunate to live in a one-bedroom apartment and pay an average amount to Yorkshire Housing. Finding Somewhere to Live: When I…

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