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From Quirky to Cash: Turning Odd Jobs into Money-Making Gold!

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Side Hustle Guide 

From Quirky to Cash: Turning Odd Jobs into Money-Making Gold!

Are you creative? practical? A handy Andy? Well, this type of work is perfect for making some extra money to supplement your income. Odd jobs can mean a range of different things; I’ve listed some ideas further in this guide.

How To Earn Money Doing Odd Jobs

If you want to earn a bit of extra cash but are more practical and prefer to be out and about rather than everything being online, it might be worth doing something like this.

Everyone has different skill sets, and this type of “side hustle” has a lot of positive points, such as helping others, learning new skills, and earning cash!

I have been doing this type of work since I turned 18. I started with babysitting and tried tutoring and cleaning (this was not for me!).

This is how I started my craft business. I loved sewing and was making a few things for people, so I decided to try Etsy. Now it’s my main source of income!

There are so many options with this; it’s just a matter of knowing where to look and how to advertise yourself. With social media, it’s easier than ever to do this now.

Working hours have changed over the years, and more people want their hours to fit around family life or other commitments. People want the ability to work flexibly or remotely for a better work-life balance.

From Quirky to Cash: Turning Odd Jobs into Money-Making Gold

What do I have to do?

This depends on what you are good at, how many hours you have, and your local area. I’ve made a list of jobs that are popular to do; you don’t need qualifications, just some experience.

Write down a few services that you want to try out, and offer them to your family and friends to gain experience and confidence. Confidence is key.

Make a log of what you have done by asking them for reviews, taking photos, etc. This will be useful later on when you need to find more work. Begin by looking at the websites I mentioned and signing up to offer the work. I know this sounds strange, but sell yourself! Have confidence, and this will shine through. First and foremost, lower your prices until you have a clientele.

What kind of things can I do?

Where can I find work?

Is it for me?

I enjoy this type of work. I am self-employed, and I like having the choice to earn a little bit extra doing something I am good at.

Everyone has a skill that they excel at; use it to help someone else while earning money! Bonus! You could do what I did and try a few out first to see what you prefer.

Maybe start small and offer to help friends and family to build up your confidence and get some reviews behind you. People love reviews, and you will get more work this way.

Tips & Tricks

  • Try out a few before committing yourself to just one, this will guarantee you will stick at it and not give up later down the line
  • Keep prices low to start with to attract customers
  • When you start a new job, make sure people know where you are for safety reasons
  • Consider if you need insurance – Some sites will offer you liability insurance as standard
  • Communication and talking to people are key; make sure you understand the job before signing up for it.
  • Using websites such as Fiverr is a good way to find work outside of your area if your skills are internet based.

What side hustle ideas are you most excited to explore? Let me know in the comments below.

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