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Earn Money By Walking

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WeWard: a mobile walking app that pays you to walk

Earn Money By Walking – Is it your goal to get in shape and walk more? Then this is the app for you! 
I’ve been using it for few months now and it’s fantastic for motivating you without being pushy.
WeWard is a free mobile app that already motivates over 7 million people to walk every day. By encouraging its users to walk, WeWard fights against sedentary lifestyles and acts in favour of well-being, local dynamism and against pollution.

Earn Money By Walking & Reward your efforts

Receive Wards for walking every day and convert them directly into cash, gifts or donations to charities
Push yourself with our challenges, track your performance and challenge your friends daily!

1. Accumulate daily Wards with each step taken and with each sporting challenge you complete!

2. Take advantage of a selection of health and wellness items, tested, approved and sold by WeWard, as well as there special offers from your favourite brands online, and earn more Wards from stores near you.

3. Wards can be redeemed for rewards, charity donations, coupons or promo codes.

Health and well-being-related offers

Access special offers from leading sports, beauty and nutrition brands. Receive Wards for each pound you spend.
Our partners also offer many gifts to reward you for your daily efforts.

Also, It has been proven: you walk 24% more with WeWard! By travelling on foot, you have a positive impact on the environment, reduce your carbon footprint and fight against a sedentary lifestyle.

The best places near you

WeWard helps you rediscover your town and enjoy a variety of places to visit close to your home.
Your favourite monuments, shops and parks are accessible on our map and are waiting for you, with Wards to win!

So, It’s not only good for your health, but WeWard is part of an eco-responsible approach to pursuing three sustainable developments, Health, Being eco-friendly and support of your local areas.


All efforts will be in vain if you do not validate the steps of each session. It is the application itself that reminds you to do so. The counting of steps is entrusted to Health App or Google Fit, depending on the operating system of your smartphone. 

The app works on both IOS and Android. Simply download, add in my referral code and receive your 300 ‘wards’ for joining. Here is my referral code if you want to download and explore the app.




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