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Discovering ways to increase your earnings can be a daunting task, but with the rise of online side hustles, it has become easier than ever.I have compiled a comprehensive guide to help you explore various channels that are often overlooked, providing you with the knowledge to generate income through creative and effective techniques.Whether it's starting your own online store, freelance writing, or participating in paid surveys, i've got you covered. Let me help you take the first step towards financial freedom.

  • Test Sites To Earn Extra Money Online

    Test sites to earn extra money online The website testing process is used to evaluate the websites by letting people use them and find mistakes. It’s a tester’s job to test the website/software or apps by checking how user-friendly it is. This helps companies fix any errors or bugs before launching their websites or apps to the public. Test sites to earn extra money with UTEST UTest Get paid testing software, find bugs, and improve the user experience with uTest. Your primary role as a uTester is finding bugs or other issues in a given application so developers know exactly what they need to solve. When you join the uTest…

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  • Low Cost Travel

    Starting Your Own Business in 2023

    I started my own small craft business about eight years ago now, Starting Your Own Business was very different then and Etsy was just for handmade sellers (now anyone can sell anything on there!), social media wasn’t that popular and shopping online was not the norm… Times have changed very quickly, Starting Your Own Business is very easy such – Selling on Etsy, Amazon, eBay and Vinted Animal sitting/walking Coaching & Mentoring Cleaning Childcare Here is a list of resources I have either found whilst searching online or used myself. Mentorsme – An online service for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) that allows you to search for mentoring services according…

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  • What Is Market Research?

    What Is Market Research? Market research is a systematic effort to gather information about target markets and customers, beginning with who they are. It is an essential component of business strategy and a critical factor in maintaining competitiveness. The four most common types of market research techniques are as follows: Interviews Focus Groups Product/ Service Use Research Observation-Based Research Buyer Persona Research Market Segmentation Research Pricing Research Competitive Analysis Research Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty Research Brand Awareness Research Campaign Research Companies and organisations across the UK will pay you for your feedback and opinions on digital and consumer products and services. Anything from £10 to £120 per hour. A lot…

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  • Roamler Mystery Shopping App

    Roamler is a very popular platform for businesses to get real-time store insights from people visiting their stores and businesses, and unlike traditional mystery shopping, the tasks are quick and easy to understand. Download the Roamler Mystery Shopping app and register Depending on your location, you might be asked to fill in an invite code. Enable location services to see the available tasks around you, and allow push notifications to find out when new tasks are published. Access paid tasks Browse through the “Paid” tab to access the list of the tasks you can perform at your level. The higher your level, the more tasks will be available to you!…

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  • Best Side Hustle Ideas 2024

    Here are the Best side hustle ideas in 2024 that I useBut first, a little introduction I have always been quite savvy with making my own money. I’ve had a varied life full of different jobs Nursery nurse, dental nurse, retail assistant, admin at a prison, café worker, crafter (self-employed), teaching assistant… the list goes on! I’ve loved all of them in different ways. My health has always made me unable to do some of these things long-term, which is a shame. My crafts have been a lifesaver, and yes, I don’t make much money from them, but I would rather do this than roll around in a Jag! Anyway……

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  • How to Make Extra Money in 2023

    Do you want to see how to make extra money in 2023?   Over time, with all the side hustles you can take part in, you can earn extra money, whether that is £1 or £100. People often ask me how to make extra money in 2023. So I will let you know all the secrets that I have learned over the last few years: It’s hard work and takes a lot of time and dedication. But if you get into the habit of doing it daily, it adds up, and you can make a good amount weekly. How to Make Extra Money in 2023 KEY TAKEAWAYS I recommend the…

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