Easy Ways To Make Money Tutoring

Easy Ways To Make Money Tutoring

 Easy Ways To Make Money Tutoring







What is Tutoring?

Each individual has a different way of learning which can make the curriculum inadequate for students. Here I have a guide on Easy Ways To Make Money Tutoring.

Tutors fill an important gap in the education system, complementing school and university studies to help students get the support and guidance that they need.

You can enjoy flexible working hours and an attractive salary as a tutor. It’s a rewarding opportunity to watch your students progress thanks to your insight and encouragement.

It is easier than ever to teach now – people are always striving to learn more and with Zoom, you can teach remotely to anyone around the world! There are lots of websites you can sign up to and even Facebook groups where you can find tutoring roles.

How did I start?

When I first started tutoring in my local area – I advertised on Facebook and in my local Coop! I created an advert saying the age ranges and lessons I covered, I charged £20 per hour and used all my worksheets that I would bring.

Back then it was all in person so I drove to their houses.As didn’t have much experience, only taught children under the age of eight and only for an hour; believed that children’s attention spans were too short for longer sessions. I loved it and got lovely feedback from my parents!

Just to say I didn’t have a degree then, but I was a scout leader, had a childcare qualification and was very proactive and positive.

Parents don’t always just look for brains when it comes to younger kids – they just want someone to dedicate their time to help them with the basics – especially in maths and English.

Benefits Of Tutoring

Private tutors usually charge between £20 – £30 per hour. Tuition slots tend to last an hour so even if you only manage two sessions per week, you’re still making a decent amount of money.

You should probably charge less if you’re offering online tutoring. It’s very flexible. With private tutoring, you can pick and choose your work hours.

Remember that evenings and weekends are the most popular with people, which is perfect to fit around your normal jobs.

It can feel really lovely to help younger people. I remember my first positive feedback from a mum saying that Adam was doing well in maths now and enjoying our sessions!

That being said It’s a good idea to have an introductory session to establish what your tutee wants from the sessions and set some goals. This way you will feel more confident going forward and have some targets in mind.


Areas you can teach

Here are just some ideas you could teach in. You’re much more likely to recruit new clients if you target your services at a specific skill level.

The main tutoring areas are:

  • Primary core subjects and SATs tuition
  • Secondary core subjects (Key Stage 3, GCSE and A Level)
  • Degree specialisms (Philosophy, Psychology, English, Science)
  • Language tuition (all levels)

dance web design drama crafts geography history

accountancy business politics childcare humanities philosophy

psychology English maths biology chemistry sociology

Easy Ways To Make Money Tutoring

Is it for you?

It’s important to have patience and to have a genuine interest in working with younger people or those looking to learn a new skill.

As a freelancer, you should be able to generate more customers through word-of-mouth and recommendations if you can sell yourself and your expertise.

Remember that these tutor agency websites may charge a one-off fee or take an ongoing cut of your wages. You will have to have good time management and the ability to organise tasks and lessons beforehand.

Tips & Tricks

  • Remember that these tutor agency websites may charge a one-off fee or take an ongoing cut of your wages.
  • As a freelancer, you should be able to generate more customers through word-of-mouth and recommendations if you can sell yourself and your expertise.
  • It’s a good idea to get a DBS check if you’ll be working with anyone under 18. You can get these on the Governments website for £18
  • One of the best ways to find new students is to get in touch with people you already know.
  • Do you have a friend whose child might need tutoring?
  • Promoting your business on social media is cheap and effective.
  • You can set up targeted Facebook or Instagram ads that are shown to the niche market you are trying to tap into.


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