BeMyEye Mystery Shopping App

BeMyEye Mystery Shopping App

BeMyEye Mystery Shopping App Review


What is BeMyEye?

BeMyEye is a mystery shopping app that allows you to earn money by doing short missions in nearby shops.

Available missions are displayed on a list. You’ll see how much they are rewarded and how much time they take to complete – and you’ll be able to read their instructions in advance. build up your money quite quickly, cash by BACS and PAYPAL for participating.

You’ll be asked to answer a few questions and to take pictures of shelves: at the end of the questionnaire, simply click “Finish mission” to send your report.

After submitting your report, it will be transferred to their validation team who will verify it as fast as possible. Once approved, they will send the reward to your BeMyEye wallet.

Points on missions

The more missions you do, the more XP you gain, which means you unlock more benefits such as – More time for reservations Ability to book more reservations

Decrease in waiting for time More frequent withdrawals it is possible to lose XP.

If you don’t complete missions on time or have missions rejected, points will be taken away. as you can see I am on level 16 – this means I can reserve missions as soon as they are published.

Pros & Cons


There are lots of mini-jobs available, especially in big cities. Missions are easy to complete.

Payments are fast. There are great benefits for higher levels. you can star your favourite shops to get notified when jobs come up there.

I’ve found the more photos you take – the more chance it gets accepted


Low-income potential.

You may need to travel long distances depending on where you live. the perfect shelf missions are really hard to complete – i don’t attempt these jobs anymore

How much can you earn with BeMyEye?

having the app since Feb 2021 – I have earned £377.70. As the jobs are so quick but lower paid, I am happy with this amount. Most missions pay between £2 – £6, but it’s possible to find missions worth £15 or more.

How much money you can make depends on how many missions you can accomplish in your location.

I withdraw my earnings through PayPal (£5 minimum) by requesting it in the app which will is then transferred within a few minutes.


Here is my unique code that can be used by new users. We will both earn an extra £1 if you go through this link which is in my bio. My code: 0rrz21e.

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