Mystery Shopping


Follow these tips to see what you can do & how much you can make. To take part I am sharing my favourite sites to sign up to, which you can then apply for any mystery shopping assignment.

What do you need to do?

Some companies just need you to assess the shop/restaurant. Some want you to take photos/video record. Every job is different which makes it quite exciting and invites you to try things out you wouldn’t normally. You dont need any extra skills, it just takes practice and abit of learning on the job!

You will always have to fill in some type of questionnaire at the end so you must be able to remember information (names/what has happened etc).


The pay isn’t normally amazing, but you can get free days out, free meals and products. it also builds confidence and adds to your skills set! I have grown so much since doing these, and i really dont care now if i look silly/have to ask lots of questions or take photos in shops!!!

The best mystery shopping companies

  • BeMyEye
  • Ispos UK
  • GBW
  • Retail Maxim
  • Grassroots
  • ESA Retail
  • Amber arch
  • Tern
  • International Service Check
  • Proinsight
  • Market Force
  • Redwigwam
  • Retail Active
  • Field Agent
  • Roamler
  • Clickworker
  • Market Force

FIELD AGENT  – Easy app to download – quick paying with small jobs that pop up every now and then. Its good just to have on your phone to complete little mystery shops which normally entail taking a few photos of specific products in certain shops. Pay is between £4-12

PROINSIGHT  – Another dashboard which is similar to the others, this one is quite fun and i’ve seen things like bowling, joining a gym and starbucks on there! Once signing up, You will be able to access your own dashboard showing all the opportunities they have available. They review all applications to make sure they match the right Shopper to the right assignment. Each ‘shopper fee’ varies on the assignment. You’ll be able to see the shopper fee on the assignment before applying.

RETAIL ACTIVE  – Another mystery shopping platform that i use via my laptop – signup and receive emails showing you tasks to do in the area you are located. Normally jobs are to rate customer service experience, taking a couple of photos and then doing a questionnaire. pay varies but normally between £7-20 per visit.

ESA RETAIL  – This is a good website that i have just recently started using the last year. I really like it, i get good local visits and have got a lot of free things such as chocolate from Thorntons, free food shopping, train tickets and more. You get a refund for your purchase and then you also get a little extra money for your time.

AMBER ARCH  –  Only available via the website – bit of a slow burner but good to check now and then! I only use this on my laptop.

MARKET FORCE –  I have been on this site for years and it is my favourite. I have earned quite a lot from this site overall. I have visited places such as Next, William Hill, Bowling, Greggs, Prett, Superdrug and more! Again, you get to keep the purchase and then get money added for your time. Lots of jobs get added and every time a job is complete, you get points and the more points you have, the more jobs you can do. 🙂

SMART SPOTTER – New App this year that enables you to complete short, quick mystery shops via an app on your phone (finally!) – I have made quite a bit of nomeny using this app this year – its very quick and easy to complete and well paid. Most are just short questionnaires with a few photos about supermarkets and how their stock is layed out.

“When an action is launched in the store, knowing how well it is placed becomes a challenge. Having shoppers take pictures of a display gives clients an insight into campaigns on the shop floor.
With the platform and smartphone, Spotters are the ‘eyes and ears on the market’  in the retail sector. Every week, tens of thousands of active Spotters carry out assignments “

For transparency i have made over £100 already and i only started in July

REDWIGWAM – Redwigwam is an online platform that uses innovative technology to match workers with businesses in a wide variety of sectors offering temporary or part-time roles. The app & website offers lots of jobs, and i have completed a few mystery shops with them (mainly buying lots of brownies in Co – op!!) An hourly wage is paid as well which is really good and payment is quick.