• Experience Easy Travel with Trip.com: Your Savvy Travel Companion

    Planning a trip can be both exciting and overwhelming. With numerous details to consider, finding the best deals and making reliable bookings can take up valuable time. Thankfully, with Trip.com, your travel itinerary becomes a breeze.  From flight reservations to finding the ideal accommodations and discovering thrilling activities, Trip.com offers a comprehensive travel booking platform that simplifies the entire process. In this article, we will explore the unparalleled benefits of booking through Trip.com and why it has become a favourite among wanderlust enthusiasts.  So, buckle up and let’s embark on an exploration of the remarkable advantages this platform has to offer! Convenience at Your Fingertips When it comes to planning…

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  • I am in the newspaper!

    I am in the newspaper! Since making my blog I’ve been approached a few times about collaborating with writers and bloggers to tell my story which is quite exciting and very new to me! Money is always hard to talk about, but if I can inspire a few other people & give some ideas to newbies then it’s worth it. That’s why I started my Instagram and website. My first article was in The Mirror and all about my side hustles on the income I make from them all. With the help of other money-saving bloggers, Gemma went on to build up an established network of various ‘side hustles’ which she…

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  • cat sitting

    Cat Sitting Whilst Seeing The World

    Cat Sitting Whilst Seeing The World If you’re an animal lover who likes to travel, then I have just the job for you… Two weeks in Bordeaux, swimming pool, and a car included—it had to be the ideal holiday. But Animal Sitting was no vacation. I was looking after a stranger’s cat in exchange for free accommodation. I’d heard about house sitting for a while and decided to sign up three years ago. I’ve always struggled with anxiety and often had panic attacks many times a week. Travelling, even though I wanted to do it, felt off-limits. I live alone and am self-employed, so I am more flexible than most…

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    How To Travel On A Budget – Low Cost Travel

    Are you looking for low-cost travel? How To Travel On A Budget  I have been travelling for about 4 years now and at a low cost! The first thing to say is there are several ways to do Low-Cost travel. I use certain websites to book transport, and I am part of some groups that allow me to stay places for free (sometimes I get paid) BOOK YOUR FLIGHTS Skyscanner is the most popular travel search engine I use. It’s a really good website/app that you can use to find anything you want. You can put in your location, and set your destination to ‘everywhere’ to find the cheapest places…

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