• How to discover and juggle multiple side hustles

    Here are some insider tips that have personally helped me juggle multiple side hustles. My name is Gemma, and I live in the beautiful city of York, UK. I have always had a passion for crafting, and over the years, I have developed my skills in this area to become quite a craft enthusiast. In my free time, I love nothing more than getting lost in a new project and creating new things for my shop over on Etsy. When I’m not crafting, I love to travel and experience new cultures. One of my favourite ways to do this is by offering cat-sitting services to people worldwide. It’s such a…

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    How To Travel On A Budget – Low Cost Travel

    Are you looking for low-cost travel? How To Travel On A Budget  I have been travelling for about 4 years now and at a low cost! The first thing to say is there are several ways to do Low-Cost travel. I use certain websites to book transport, and I am part of some groups that allow me to stay places for free (sometimes I get paid) BOOK YOUR FLIGHTS Skyscanner is the most popular travel search engine I use. It’s a really good website/app that you can use to find anything you want. You can put in your location, and set your destination to ‘everywhere’ to find the cheapest places…

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