• Everyday Money Management Habits

    Everyday Money Management Habits For You To Start It is undeniable that planning your finances can be a daunting task, but taking it step-by-step and forming better Everyday Money Management Habits will help you take charge of your finances and lay the groundwork for a prosperous future. You can improve your relationship with money by improving your money management methods and lifestyle adjustments. A healthy money habit may help you live more comfortably, worry less about your finances, and be better prepared for the future. The individual’s daily routine and financial habits are a series of actions they take at certain times. Consequently, the activities become easier to predict and…

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  • User Interviews – How To Earn From Your Opinions

    User Interviews – How To Earn From Your Opinions A market research organisation called User Interviews “connects researchers and participants.” UserInterviews conducts research initiatives for well-known companies including Paypal, Spotify, and Google. You can apply to participate in these research initiatives as a participant. For instance, a User Interviews customer might want to interview people who have children in school, frequently use social media or own electric vehicles.   User Interviews – How To Earn From Your Opinions It’s crucial to realise that businesses always look for particular demographics for their user research. This can result in you having to wait a very long period to “fit the profile.” You…

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  • Make Money Upcycling Furniture

    Side Hustle Guide Make Money Upcycling Furniture Here is the first instalment in my side hustle series, where I share how I have made extra money in my spare time! How I started to make money upcycling furniture I began upcycling furniture when I moved into a ground-floor flat alone and didn’t want to spend much money on furniture.  I started finding older pieces on Gumtree & eBay that were cheap – that I could paint or varnish to spruce up. I would look to see what was on trend and then increase the chances of selling. I tried to take the best photos possible (photos are everything) and stage…

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