• Tips and Tricks

    Remember to Take a Break

    It Allows your body and mind to recharge. Maintaining a balance of activity and rest helps keep you healthy, and believe it or not, more productive. Taking a break: increases your productivity and accuracy improves your physical health gives you an energy boost decreases depression and “decision fatigue” increases motivation helps you see the big picture, what you’ve accomplished, and what still needs to get done. increases your creativity improves learning by giving your brain a break helping form new memories and skills   Other kinds of Rest include social, mental, and sensory relaxation. Mental Rest When we’re not physically active but nevertheless have the freedom to daydream or sit and ponder, we are providing ourselves with the time and space to focus on ourselves.  It might literally mean taking a walk without a purpose or just sitting still and staring into space!   Social Rest  Even if social interaction has been severely restricted for the past 18 months, it’s still necessary to pace oneself and avoid over-committing.  Simply picking when we should be sleeping rather than engaged is all that is required to take a social break.   Sensory Rest Being able to turn off from screen time or other activities that overstimulate us is known as sensory rest.  Consider the numerous times we multitask, such as when messaging a buddy while watching a movie, which might result in sensory overload.  We occasionally need a quiet place to stop and unwind without being overrun by noise.    …

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