• Introduction to Tax for Content Creators

    Do you need to register for self-assessment? If so you need to do it by 5th October. As a content creator or influencer in the UK, you may be uncertain about your tax responsibilities. This tax guide for content creators will help you with your self-assessment. Social media has created a new job opportunity for the current generation of digital creators, who can now work full-time on various social media platforms. There are various ways that this type of income can be generated such as – Advertising: Do you promote other companies on your account or blog or intend to do so? Monetisation: Have you been using a monetising strategy to…

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  • Low Cost Travel

    Starting Your Own Business in 2023

    I started my own small craft business about eight years ago now, Starting Your Own Business was very different then and Etsy was just for handmade sellers (now anyone can sell anything on there!), social media wasn’t that popular and shopping online was not the norm… Times have changed very quickly, Starting Your Own Business is very easy such – Selling on Etsy, Amazon, eBay and Vinted Animal sitting/walking Coaching & Mentoring Cleaning Childcare Here is a list of resources I have either found whilst searching online or used myself. Mentorsme – An online service for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) that allows you to search for mentoring services according…

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