• Want To Get Paid To Walk Your Dog?

    Want To Get Paid To Walk Your Dog?

      Want To Get Paid To Walk Your Dog? Biscuit is an app that has been developed to help pet owners care for the health and pet wellbeing of their four-legged friends and be rewarded for doing so. Initially focused on supporting dog owners, Biscuit awards points called “Biscuits” for walking dogs and engaging in other pet well-being elements such as adhering to flea and worm treatments.     Dog owners can exchange their earned biscuits for rewards such as shopping vouchers at amazing places such as Tesco, Iceland, Asda, Nandos and also discounts on pet care, pet food and treatments.  By personalising and offering assistance for each dog’s needs depending on age and breed, Biscuit uses a unique algorithm to advise dog owners on how often and how long they should walk their dogs. They are rewarded with biscuits for meeting their goals.   By earning Wellbeing Badges like the Flea and Worm Badge and the Microchip Badge, you can accumulate more biscuits.  In 2023, more badges covering a variety of dog health and wellbeing topics will be released – this means more shopping vouchers for us! …

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