• The Difference Between Credit Checks

    The Difference Between Credit Checks It’s important to understand the difference between credit checks and the effects of hard and soft credit checks when you apply for credit.   Did you know that a credit check could slightly lower your credit score?  It’s critical to understand how applying for credit will affect your credit score.  How come? The two different types of credit checks—soft and hard—are to blame for this.   The Difference Between Credit Checks – What does a “Soft Credit Check” mean? An overview of your entire credit report would be similar to a soft credit check. It provides the person looking into your credit with a high-level view of your credit report, which is typically sufficient to make a judgement regarding things like insurance premiums, utility bills, and occasionally employment. When you check your credit report, you also see it. Your credit report is unaffected by soft credit checks. This means that you can check your credit score as…

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