Focus Groups

Focus Groups

Focus Groups

What are they? – Companies pay participants for being involved in focus groups, one to one interviews, usability studies or online projects. They take place at venues such as hotels or market research facilities, in your own home, on the phone or through an online forum.

Your opinions can ultimately change how a new food product, video game or even chart album is marketed and advertised – and you get paid up to £200 as a thank you for your time and contribution!

How to get selected? Normally, register on the company’s website, giving details about your hobbies on the personal life and then you will be emailed of sessions that you can apply for. 

Payment – Payment is either through BACS, Paypal or Amazon Vouchers – which will be confirmed by the research company.

What happens? – During Covid, I’ve taken part in over 30 sessions via Zoom! I never used Zoom before this! If they feel you are a good fit, they will normally ring you and discuss when you are available to take part – either in a group Zoom or one2one.

They average an hour long and you just chat and answer questions on your thoughts and experiences on a particular topic/food/company/system and then get paid! Couldn’t be easier! Some are quite fun as well. 


Focus groups to make money:


FOCUS FORCE  – Good company to apply for groups that are mainly done through zoom now. You will get email notifications when something comes up you can apply for.

ANGELFISH  – lots of focus groups – well paid. I have taken part in a few and they have been excellent.

RESEARCH OPINIONS  – Well paid and lots of groups to apply for – mainly done through zoom at the moment. they also conduct online survey panels which you can take part in.

TAKE PART IN RESEARCH Lots of focus groups around North East and Yorkshire area – really good pay and a lot of the research is done through Zoom now as well 

RESPONDENT –  A company that pays respondents to help researchers with their studies. The research projects vary from week to week, so keep checking this website for new ones. Most studies can be done from home on your computer. You can also refer people on this site and make a profit based on this

GRASSROOTS -I have had around 10 jobs with this site, and have earned around 60 pounds. It’s a good site, but very detailed and if you get something wrong, you will not get paid.

SAROS – You get emailed jobs – very rarely, but you have to apply for the job which is normally a discussion panel or similar. A very high payer though if you get accepted, you typically get £30 to £100 for two hours of work.

PODENGO  – Weekly emails for new projects. Very easy to apply for research groups, they find people to take part in focus groups, online research, online or telephone interviews, accompanied shopping, User Experience Testing,  and Qualitative Market Research. UK based company. Normally about £50 – £100 per group

podengo market research

TREND – You will receive focus group projects by email. They match your criteria to projects you apply for and contact you to place you on a focus group, telephone interview, online survey etc. You choose the projects most suited to you, and once selected and placed on a project, you will be remunerated accordingly. 

PAID FOCUS GROUP  – This is quite new to me and I mainly use the app – simple focus groups you can apply for, not seeing many though so money is not adding up quick.

PEOPLE FOR RESEARCH  – Another focus group site to sign up to as they will email you with groups to apply to. Very well paid groups are mainly done via Zoom at the moment.

CODE RESEARCH  – New to me at the moment but there looks to be several groups you can apply to, again, mainly done through handy Zoom! 

I THOUGHTS RESEARCH  – Once you have been added to their panel, they will usually contact you either via email. Before being invited, you will need to answer several screening questions to make sure you are eligible to take part. Amounts typically vary between around £30 and £125 per event, sometimes even more.

FOCUS 4 PEOPLE  – One of the best market research groups – easy to apply and you get quite a lot of money for taking part! You will get emails if you fit into a new project to apply to.

PINGPONG –  Get rewarded for every research session you complete: from €10 to €100 for each session. PingPong is a great to earn some extra pocket money! Learn about exciting new products and ideas and spend your time in a meaningful way helping companies shape the future. You can earn €10 to €100 per hour for taking part in friendly video interviews and user tests.

I-POINT – iPoint Research recruits respondents to make up the various small samples of the population that researchers require. Your participation in a market research activity could be from 30 minutes to 3 hours but is typically 1 to 2 hours.

There are many types of research projects using different methodologies – iPoint Research generally recruits for the following styles of research

  • Focus Groups – Generally 6 – 8 people taking part in a general discussion
  • 1 to 1 Interview
  • Product tests and Product placement
  • Telephone Interviews
  • Online Focus Groups
  • Online Research Studies

BUNNYFIELD – when a company wants to test its services to see if they are working as well as they can be, they want people to take part in product testing, user experience and market research. The best part, is they pay you for your time! (up to £50 per hour).

Use the signup form to register on their database of user research participants. When a research project comes up, you will be sent a survey to see if you are a suitable candidate. If you are suitable, you’ll be invited to take part in testing an app, product, or website

INSPIRED OPINIONS– Inspired Opinions is a Schlesinger Group online community. It is comprised of people like you who are interested in sharing their opinions and views on a variety of topics to help influence the development of technology, food healthcare and much more.


User Interviews – Earn money for your feedback on real products. With over 2,000 studies launching monthly, your opinions are in high demand. This is a really simple site to use, projects get updated quite a lot, and you get paid in vouchers for things like amazon, supermarkets and high street shops.